What else could I do?

We live in a world where we could all do better, but where it is very easy to point fingers at other people, or companies, or government departments, who are maybe not doing everything they could.

However, if we really want to improve our quality of life, and to ensure we don’t waste limited resources, then we should all take some responsibility ourselves.  And take action, too.

This means that even if it takes extra effort, even if there are no obvious and easy alternatives for recycling, then we should look hard for solutions, or create them!

We should certainly engage in discussions with companies who produce or import equipment, with recycling companies, and with our own government authorities.  Rather than merely blaming these different parties for the problems associated with e-scrap, we should exert pressure on them to work together towards a solution.  You could use the discussion forum on this website, and social media like Facebook, for this purpose.

If you want to take a more active role, why don’t you make contact with recycling companies and help set up a collection system?