Story of recycling

What is E-Scrap? Why should I care about the recycling of electric and electronic scrap (e-scrap)?  In various sections of this website you will be able to learn a lot about e-scrap and recycling, and will even get the opportunity to discuss these issues with others.

The pages in this story will show you why you should care, and what you should do about it.

Firstly, we should realise that for every ounce or gram of metal in a piece of equipment, many tons of rock need to be mined, and lots of energy is consumed to separate and concentrate the metal into its required form. If we should merely discard that equipment after it is no longer useful, then that would be very wasteful. Recycling the metals and using these again in the manufacture of other items, helps to conserve the limited supply of raw materials, results in a massive saving of energy and reduces our impact on climate change. Today, and into the future, we would like to recycle and re-use metals as much as possible. One day, we may only need to mine new metals to supplement the recycled supply.

Secondly, recycling materials properly means that we are not discarding items into our living environment, where they could poison our water, soil and air. Better to re-use the valuable materials!